May 8, 2024

An Acknowledgment:
A land, cultural, and privilege acknowledgment

I am a settler colonizer in the USA. A product of both the colonized and the colonizer of the Philippines. I came from a family with economic access that has made my life more comfortable than most. This unseen privilege has made some spaces easier for me to navigate even if I am visibly a woman of color. I have inherited and survived trauma. All of this and more creates a friction in my identity, that grounds my work in advocating and pursuing a more dignified life for all humans. 

Words that dismantle:
A condensed list of my beliefs and values that propel my design practice.

1. All humans deserve a dignified life. 

2. Our natural resources are limited.

3. Just because you could, does not mean you should. 

4. Innovation without reparation will continue cycles of oppression. 

5. Lived experiences on a subject matter > Professional experience & Educational merits.

**This is a living manifesto and I give myself room to grow, and might add more to this**